Amazing Talent and Soul:

These are the people who make my jaw drop and knock my socks off.

Zippy Lomax:

A photographer whose images made me suck in my breath the first time I saw them.

Taken from an article about her: 'Zipporah Lomax has an eye that seems to see past the visible spectrum and hone in on the nectar, almost like a honeybee. She focuses on the embryonic and the infinitesimal. Her photographs have a sensuality that is palpable.

Sometimes we become so engrossed in the minutiae of our daily lives that we don’t notice the beauty in fleeting moments. We miss the fragments of perfection that surround us. Zipporah captures that joy and those details in photographs that are ethereal, yet infused with the spirit of humanity.'

Here are just some of her photos.

Visit her site to drink in so many more.