In My Daydreams Lately - Attaining the Seemingly Unreachable

Your daydream is a seed - what will you do to make it grow. Circle of Daydreams.

I sometimes lay on the couch and wander through the daydream of 'If I won the lotto, what would I do?'

You may know the one?

Pretty silly really, as I don't buy Lotto tickets and never have!

I let my mind meander dreamily through who I'd give some money to (charities etc), where I'd go, what my new home might look like, and what I'd do with my time if I no longer had to work.

Money's not everything, but it would sure add a few sparkles and make adventuring easy.

It's a lovely way to doze hazily and relax for a brief amount of time.

But hey..... I'm a strong, capable person, so I got to thinking about how I could make these daydreams come true anyway.

As much as daydreaming is one of my favourite ways to pass the time (and always has been), on the occasions when I want something to materialize from a daydream, then I know I'm not going to get anywhere without purpose, focus and action.

I figure I don't need a lot of money to be able to help out my favored charities somehow, particularly if they're local. I can volunteer time, donate stuff, help with marketing campaigns, or give a little here and there.

I can also still plan to travel to my dream destinations, I'm just going to have to work harder at saving, or find a way to raise a little extra income. And, I'm going have to delay gratification and do that hardest of things..... wait. It will happen, it just won't be this year, and I can't go everywhere at once!

As for what I'd do if I didn't have to work, I'd help out at school anyway..... but not full time (I have too many other things I'd like to do). While I still need to keep working full time currently, it doesn't mean I can't try and slot in some time to immerse myself in some of my passions.

It's well past time I got back to my drawing and art, and I'm very excited about creating my own set of oracle cards (I think I'm going to use watercolours).

I also want to get back to reading more, and paint BIG canvases as an experiment. There's no reason why some smart prioritizing and judicious spending of funds can't lead to enjoyment of these much loved and anticipated activities.

Are there any seemingly unreachable daydreams you'd like to turn into reality?

Think laterally...... how could you do it anyway?

Gather your intent, and propel yourself into action.

Linda. xox

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