Monday Mojo & Magic: Mother Nature, A Wellspring of Self Care

This Monday morning, I'm thinking more about what makes me tick... what brings me joy... what I 'feel' as a part of me that brings meaning to my life.

Mother Nature is one of these things, and when I discovered the quote below, I fell in love with it.

As a young girl from the country I loved riding my bike for hours, climbing every type of tree I could lay my hands on, getting dirty and muddy, walking through the pine plantations near our home, watching the sun glint off fields of wheat at sunset, swimming, rolling down hills in long grass, cloud watching, wading in the small dams we had nearby, collecting stunning leaves and feathers... and too many other outdoor related moments in time to mention.

The outdoors has always called to my very heart and soul, and helps refresh every part of me like nothing else can.

The Mountains Are My Bones. Circle of Daydreams.

What brings you joy and makes moments memorable?

I've promised myself I'm going to get outside this week, and get messy or involved somehow.

At the very least, I have 3 plants waiting to be potted that must be sick of sitting next to their lovely new homes and next to a bag of potting mix.

Happy Monday, Daydreamers!

May your mojo + magic be with you this week.

Linda. xox

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