Video: Today, I Rise [Monday Mojo & Magic]

Today, I Rise. A video to inspire. Circle of Daydreams.

It's Monday once again, Daydreamers!

Time for some mojo & magic.

I found this video via a Facebook Group I'm in as part of Victoria Smith's Softly Wild Course. It's a magical, beautiful, affirming course, and just another of Victoria's stunning offerings. If you're interested in gifting yourself something wonderful, you can visit her site for more info here.

Depending on the time of year you read this (for future readers), the course may or may not be 'in season'.

Some participants are joining in the course for their 2nd and 3rd times. It's only my first, but after taking another course of Victoria's a little while ago, I just knew this one would be worthwhile.

Here's the video.

Today, I Rise....

On this Monday morning, may your mojo & magic be with you.

And, may you RISE.

Linda. xox

PS. I'm adding this to Open Slather over at One Mother Hen! Also joining in over at Microblog Mondays!!

PPS. My gorgeous new Garden of Gratitude has now been landscaped and lushly planted. The birds are singing and the blossom is opening. Come and join me if you'd like a multitude of resources and printables to help you create a blooming gratitude practice (I've made over 30).

The gate is open.... just click the image below...


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