Escape For A While [Monday Mojo & Magic]

Happy Monday, Daydreamers!

I'm on holidays - woooohoooo!

Escape for a while and visit your inner child. Circle of Daydreams.

During these holidays I have a long list of things I need to get done in order to catch up with life... chores, work related tasks, cleaning, bill paying etc etc.

BUT, I also plan to lay on the couch near the heater.

To read new books and drink copious amounts of tea.

And... to escape.

To getaway and treat myself.

To find my inner child again, if only for moments (or hours.... or a day), and do stuff just for the sake of FUN and JOY!


When I was little, I used to disappear for the whole day on my bike with my trusty dog running by my side. (His name was Skeeter)

We'd visit fields of wheat, go nosing through swamps, sit by ponds, search for mushrooms, race down dirt tracks, walk through pine forests, and run down grassy hills and fall in a heap.

It's Winter here in Australia, and I no longer have a dog.... so doing most of those things is probably out! But, I do plan to connect with the things I used to love as a child and just go with it.



Spending time exploring and chasing curiosities as though time is irrelevant.

It's Monday, and I have two whole weeks of not running my days by 'the bell'.


I hope your Monday is feeling this good.

May your mojo & magic be with you this week!

Linda. xox

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