An Interview With Tamar From The Enchanting 'Nest Pretty Things'...

An Inerview with Tamar From Nest Pretty Things Shop on Etsy. Circle of Daydreams.

Years ago I stumbled across Nest Pretty Things on Etsy, and was so enchanted by the ear-rings, necklaces and bracelets I saw that I bought several pieces straight away.

My best friend got a pair of ear-rings for her birthday, and she's unabashedly loved them for years. So much so, that when she lost one of the ear-rings about two years after I bought them, I bought her the exact same pair again for her very next birthday as she was quite distressed!

Now she's got a spare, so all is well in her ear accessories world!

The lovely owner and creator at Nest Pretty Things, Tamar, was gracious enough to let me interview her and ask some interesting questions!

Check out what we chatted about below the gorgeous examples of her wares...

Ear-rings from Nest Pretty Things Shop
Gemstone Necklace from Nest Pretty Things Shop on Etsy
Pearl Necklace from Nest Pretty Things Shop
Dainty Necklace from Nest Pretty Things on Etsy

An Interview With Tamar From Nest Pretty Things:

How did you come to start Nest Pretty Things?

We moved to VT* in 2005 from Tel Aviv where I worked for many years as a Fashion Editor and Creative Director in Women magazines, I thought I would find a job as a creative director in VT but that did not pan out. I started a new career as an Interior Designer (which I did as a side job for fun and for friends) while waiting for clients I started crafting and thought about myself jewelry making. I started my Etsy shop in 2006 and it became my full-time job.

*VT = Vermont!

What are some of the best mistakes you've ever made in life?

Sometimes I think that moving to VT from Tel Aviv, leaving our families and friends to start a new life at 47 was a mistake, but it enabled me to start my own business and opened up many new opportunities for us as a family.

What do you love to daydream about (if you do)?

I daydream about building a new house and having a Pied a Terre in NYC...

Can you describe your place of creation? What do you love about it?

My studio is Burlington 15 minutes away from our home, it's in an Industrial building that was converted into studio and office spaces, I have giant windows that look up to the sky and provide an ample amount of light, big working tables for my husband (who manages the finances, wholesale and our website) and my assistant Charlotte.

I love coming in here every morning, no matter how dark or snowy or rainy it is outside, walking into the light-filled studio is magic.

Do you have a particular morning or evening routine of self-care?

My husband and I wake up at around 7, I usually eat my oatmeal with some shredded coconut, drink lemon and ginger tea with some mint leaves and meditate for 20 minutes using a wonderful app we love called Headspace.

Three times a week I go to Zumba classes in the morning and the rest of the week we walk in one of the many beautiful parks and trails that surround our house.

What makes you smile?

I am an optimistic person and mostly believe that everything will be ok.

How do you keep your designs and creativity fresh?

We travel a lot which gets my creative juices flowing, I love art and visiting museums which are a great inspiration for me, I'm always up to date on the latest fashion and trends and I'm constantly working on new pieces, the more I work the more productive and creative I get.

What a beautiful morning routine, and the light drenched studio - wow!

Lots of change, travel, and risks too. An adventurous and creative life for sure.

Every time I've purchased something from Tamar, it's been such a wonderful experience.

And now, I have my eye on the bracelet below.... for me it epitomizes the enchantment and delight I associate with my feelings towards my home here at Circle of Daydreams (and I also have a real thing for trees).

I think it may have to become my talisman!

Rose Quartz Bracelet with Gold from Nest Pretty Things. Circle of Daydreams.

I'll let you know when it arrives!

Thanks, Tamar, for being so lovely, and for all the magical jewellery pieces you create!

You can visit Nest Pretty Things yourself, here.

Linda. xox

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