Play Is The Highest Point of Research [Monday Mojo + Magic]

Play is the highest point of research. Albert Einstein. Picture quote from Circle of Daydreams.

Albert Einstein has penned so many of my favourite quotes, and I seem to discover more and more as time goes on.

I ran across this one the other day, and loved it!

This Monday, I'm reminding myself that play is not inconsequential in the maelstrom of our lives... it can encourage insight, expand ideas, spark creativity, lead to pure joy, embed memories, drive out stress, and replenish our draining wells of energy.

For me, play is the simplest form of enjoyment, and the best way to tend to my inner child (before she throws a tantrum in the form of burnout and exhaustion).

This week, I'm going to find time to play.... even if I have to schedule it in like an appointment in my diary.

What are you going to do this week to give yourself a boost?

Happy Monday, Daydreamers...

May your mojo + magic be with you this week.

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Linda. xox

PS. You can download the quote above right here.

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