I Believe In.... [Monday Mojo & Magic]

When it comes down to tin-tacks... what do you believe in?

What would be your frittered down essence of belief?

I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Mary Oliver. Circle of Daydreams. www.circleofdaydreams.com

I mention mine over on my about page... but this gorgeous quote, (stumbled upon over here on Meghan's most beautiful site) prompted me to dust them off again and share them here.

I Believe:

  • In cradling gently, and letting go.
  • In a soft heart, with stable boundaries.
  • Creativity + a curious mind = awesomeness.
  • Real books beat E-books hands down.
  • Every moment is mine to make the most of.
  • Making stuff soothes the soul....
  • So does music and dance.
  • Cats have eyes that see inside your heart.
  • Hugs are good medicine....
  • So is volunteering!
  • Magic is possible, it just depends on your definition.
  • I have all I need, and it's within me.
  • The best is yet to come.

Listing my beliefs out helped me get re-acquainted with myself and the things I love... and it felt good to be me!

Happy Monday, Daydreamers... what do you believe in?

May your mojo and magic be with you this week.

Linda. xox

PS. I'm adding this post to One Mother Hen's Open Slather, Microblog Mondays, and Life This Week!

PPS. If you love the above quote too, you can download and print it right here. No strings.

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