The Privilege of This Life...

From one of my favourite quoticians (I just made that word up to represent people who write lots of amazing and inspiring quotes), comes these wise words...

The privilege of this life is being who you really are. Joseph Campbell. Circle of Daydreams.

Doesn't it follow then, that you owe it to yourself to let the real you shine out whenever, and wherever possible?

To decorate your rooms as a celebration of who you are and all that you love?

To feel free within your own home, to feel grateful for the person you are, and run rampant expressing your innermost joy and heartfelt emotions as you wish?

To validate the person you are by paying homage to the privilege of being YOU?

To express yourself in your dress and style they way you really want to?

To use your talents and gifts in a manner that respects their value and your worthiness?

To listen to your innermost whispers and trust your intuition?

What's holding you back?


Linda. xox

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