Until The Lion Learns To Write...

I came across the quote below on Instagram the other day, and it struck an immediate chord. I’ve been thinking a lot about stories lately…. my story, the stories of friends and family, the story of our planet, the story of each of the children in my class.

Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter. African Proverb. Quotes on Circle of Daydreams. www.circleofdaydreams.com

Each of us has our own point of view, our own special gifts and talents to share with the World. And, each of us can set the boundaries, find the spark, and light the way as we ‘write’ our own stories; whatever they may be.

For the children in my grade I can be a guide and facilitator as they find and create their stories. For myself I’m the explorer, creator, and constructor of my own story…. and my hope is, that as we all write our own chapters as best we can, with purpose and compassion, then the story of our planet becomes a happier one.

It’s time to overwhelm the ‘hunters’ with more and more lions.

Where are you at with your ‘story’ at the moment?

If you’ve got the equivalent of ‘writer’s block’, perhaps a juicy jumpstart might be just the thing! Click the image below to take a peek.

Linda. xox

PS. Yes, once again I’ve been absent for a while…. the ebb and flow of life. My story has turned back to it’s ever present and under-laying theme, and I plan to be here more often once again. xx

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