The Big List of Little Loves

YOU Matter - A Five Day Expose` Of Your Significance - Part 3

Welcome to Day Three of this 5 day expose` of why I think YOU Matter!

Click the links below to check out Days One and Two if you missed them. The videos alone are well worth it in my opinion!

YOU Matter - Part 1
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Let's get to it...

Are You Making Joy A Priority?

You treat you friends and family well because you love them and want the best for them. They matter, and so you prioritize and attend to them.

However, as YOU also matter, I'd like to ask 'How often are you prioritizing yourself? How often are you paying yourself attention? Doing for yourself the things that bring you joy, just as you do things for others?'

As someone who matters, (and as you're the only person who has absolute and direct control over YOU), it makes perfect sense to prioritize yourself first and foremost. Treating yourself with reverence, respect and compassion means you're better equipped to live your best life, and by association help others live theirs.

It's a win/win all 'round.

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”
Diane Von Furstenberg

I'm a big believer in the 'life truth' that taking action before you feel like doing something leads to great results anyway! Starting to de-clutter or beginning a work project you've been procrastinating about is always the hardest part. If you wait until you 'feel' like it..... you'll never begin.

There is never a right moment. There can always be an excuse.

BUT, if you take a leap of faith, and trust that once you start it will all be okay, it's amazing what can happen.

I think treating yourself as though YOU matter (when you don't feel like you do), sits very well with this concept.

Loving yourself more, doing for yourself more, nurturing yourself more, being gentle and compassionate with yourself..... begin, and you will start to feel like 'more'.

Basically, if you don't already think YOU matter, act as though you DO matter, and you'll start to feel as if you do! 

>>There's a lovely activity further down the page to help you with this. It has a downloadable sheet to go with it. If you carry it out, you'll be well on your way to loving yourself more! <<

Ways To Act As If You Matter (Because YOU Do):

For me, one of the best ways to serve up self-respect and self-love, is to make sure I get enough time to nurture who I really am. Time devoted to tending my inner flame and spirit. I'm not talking religion here (although for you, that may fit beautifully), I'm talking about those moments that bring you joy. The ones where time flies by and you get lost in the flow of what you're doing.

I'm also talking about taking time to pamper, nurture, and plain old take good care of yourself...

When was the last time you gave yourself the luxury of doing something special just for you?

Simply because you wanted to?

Because you love it?

And, did you do it with no guilt? Without feeling selfish and terrible for treating yourself with so much importance?

If there's one thing I've learned over time, it's that taking care of myself as if I'm a seriously important person is paramount to experiencing life to the fullest, as well as connecting with others in the most fulfilling way.

I don't mean turning into a narcissistic egomaniac who's unaware of others' feelings and lacking in compassion for anyone else... that wouldn't encourage any type of meaningful relationships. I believe kindness, empathy, and general decency are the touchstones of any life well-lived.

But, after nearly 52 years on this amazing planet, and many tutorials by the 'Universe' in the form of life lessons, I've come to realize that self-care, self-nurturing, and self-love, allow me to sculpt and maintain the best version of myself.

And, creating and growing the 'best' version of myself not only has benefits for me, but for everyone in my life. If I show up for others fully present, feeling centered and at ease, happy in my own skin; then I'm giving them more than I'm capable of if I'm run-down, tired, and worn out from trying to do too much.

Taking time-out for myself reaps so many rewards.

So, what is it you love to do that you haven't done lately?

What can you do that will nurture your soul, soothe your worries, inspire your mind, open your heart, and just make you feel darn good?'

I'm talking about really simple things.....

  • Taking time out to sit at the beach, watch the waves roll in, and wriggle your toes in the sand.
  • Spending half an hour sitting in the sun with a favourite magazine and a cup of tea.
  • Snuggling in bed for an extra hour with a good book and nowhere else to be.
  • Buying a bunch of beautiful flowers to bloom in your home.
  • Taking yourself off to the cinema to catch a fabulous movie.
  • Indulging in a long, hot bath with your favourite bubbles and a candle.
  • Spending time writing in your journal or creating something.
  • Getting a manicure, a pedicure or a massage.
  • Giving yourself a facial, including a face scrub, a mask, and a moisturizing treatment.
  • Cooking your favourite meal or baking your favourite cake and savouring the taste.
  • Sitting quietly with your pet and giving it a cuddle or a pat.
  • Walking through a beautiful park or amongst some wonderful trees.

Time spent doing simple things you love can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul; and give you the opportunity to replenish your inner well or 'life-force'.

The next time you're running around doing things for everyone else, stop for a moment, and plan to do something for yourself.

You deserve it - totally - and so do your 'significant others'.

YOU matter.

Putting yourself first when it comes to self-care and nourishment leads to a win-win situation for everyone. YOU get to feel happier and healthier, and your nearest and dearest get the best YOU possible.

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s a necessity.”
Mandy Hale

The Big List Of Little Loves:

Anyone else here love making lists? I'm a list maker - big time. I love making lists about all sorts of things. It helps get my mind sorted, and feel more in control. Sometimes I finish a list and cross everything off, and sometimes I only get a few things crossed off.

But, there's nothing more satisfying than putting a line through something on a list I've been meaning to do for a long time.

(I'll let you in on a secret.... Sometimes I put things on the list I've already done just so I can cross them off and give myself a mental high five!)

Today we're going to be making a really important list.

This list is going to form the basis of an ongoing activity that's going to help you squeeze more moments of joy into your life.

I think it may be one of the most important lists you ever make.

Before you start, you're going to need a sheet of paper (pretty paper would be wonderful), some pens or textas, a pair of scissors to cut the paper up, and a pretty storage box or envelope.

You may even need more than one sheet of paper if you think of lots to write. In fact, I'm going to ask you to think of 100 things (if you can), so I'm hoping you need many sheets of paper!

You can also use this downloadable list template to make it easy!

Let's go:

I want you to think of as many things as you can that are only little, but are things you LOVE, ADORE, REVEL in doing.

Simple little things that give you pleasure.

For example:
♥ having a coffee with friends
♥ sitting under a tree in summer reading a favourite book
♥ having fresh flowers in your room
♥ smelling and eating freshly baked scones
♥ drinking a glass of ice cold milk
♥ going for a leisurely stroll
♥ reading the newspaper
♥ completing a crossword
♥ stretching luxuriously
♥ day dreaming on the sofa
♥ taking a mid afternoon nap
♥ flicking through a favourite magazine
♥ sketching or drawing
♥ building a sandcastle
♥ finding shells on the beach
♥ looking for feathers
♥ playing cards with someone
♥ feeling a summer breeze against your face
♥ watching a butterfly
♥ going on a lazy drive and visiting shops you love
♥ patting your dog or cat
♥ going to the movies
♥ drawing or painting whatever comes to mind
♥ playing a board game with your family
♥ getting into a warm bed in the middle of winter (I love my electric blanket)
♥ listening to the crickets chirp on a fine night
♥ playing in the sand at the beach
♥ rolling down a hill
♥ swinging on an old tyre attached to a rope
♥ seeing spring blossom start to come out
♥ digging around in the garden
♥ eating chocolate
♥ running your fingers through a tin filled with buttons
♥ changing the cushions around (that's me all over)
♥ dancing - anywhere
♥ making a 'spider' (lemonade and icecream - yum)
♥ listening to your favourite music
♥ tickling your children
♥ riding your bike on a beautiful day
♥ swimming on a warm day
♥ karaoke..... whatever tickles your fancy and is something you LOVE (or used to love).

These should be small things that don't cost much (if anything) to do or experience. They can be things you can do at home (or in the garden), and things you do outside your home. They can be things you used to do when you were little or a teenager, but don't do anymore (but you know you loved them back then).

It doesn't matter if they're crazy things (like getting dressed up in a weird costume and having a party with your grown up kids), or things that others wouldn't find 'soothing' (like playing Dungeons and Dragons with a group of fellow enthusiasts)... this is about YOU, and the things YOU love.

Now, I want you to write them one by one on your paper. Leave a space between each one and write them fairly big, because you're going to cut them out.

The orderly among you might like to rule your page up first (or you can use this pre-ruled and downloadable page), and then write your suggestions in the boxes. It'd be great if you could come up with at least 30, but 3 times that much (and more) would be great!

You might write a heap, then come back later and write some more. And, then later on again some more etc.

I'm really serious about this. Get down as many as you can. Stretch and challenge yourself.

This list is what I call your 'Big List Of Little Loves'. It's a list of all those things we love to do, but many of us don't find time for. Things perhaps we used to do, but just haven't for years. Things we maybe did in a past part of our lives, but don't seem to squeeze in enough now that we're super busy and all grown up doing super busy and all grown up things.

Once you've written them all down, I want you to cut them up, and put all of them in your pretty storage box or a nice coloured envelope. (Or you can leave them all on your downloadable sheet and choose from there if that's easier)

Now, the fun part!

At least twice a week, (but daily would be even better), I want you to pull a slip of paper out of your box or envelope (or choose one from your sheet), and then make a space in your day to do it. If it's not possible that day, I want you to write a time in your diary, or scrawl on your calendar, and commit to making it happen as soon as possible.

I truly want to emphasize this.... commit to doing it by putting it in your calendar if you don't have time right at the moment.

Make an appointment with yourself - and keep it!

In fact, I give you permission to use your 'little love slips' multiple times a day if you so desire. Take a lucky dip and do whatever comes out! Keep a journal about what you do and how you feel about these things. Share some ideas with your friends and get them to do it. Paste your little love slips into your journal when you've completed each 'mission'.

The idea is to have fun!

When you've completed your activity, you can tick it off (if it's on your sheet), or maybe glue your cut out words in your journal or on a 'I Deserve This Because I Matter' inspiration board!

Most of these things don't take a huge amount of time. They can be dropped into your morning, lunch hour, coffee break, or evening. If you prioritise your own joy, you will make a space to carry out your latest prompt!

Let me know how you go. It would be wonderful to hear what you get up to.

Today's Take Aways:

  • Prioritize your own joy to create a WIN/WIN for everyone!
  • The more stress and overwhelm in your life, the more you need to make space for YOU time.
  • Fitting more joy into your day may only take a moment, but can have lasting effects.
  • Try to treat yourself to simple pleasures on a regular basis....little, often!
  • Having FUN is important, and you need to make room for it.
  • Taking time for yourself is nothing to feel guilty about.
  • Print your 'Big List of Little Loves' freebie and commit to using it (or your own lovely slips of paper)!

I'll see you soon for Day 4 - a pivotal point in this exploration.

Linda. xox

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