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Who and What Really Matters? [Monday Mojo & Magic]

'Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.'

This Monday morning, I'm thinking about who and what really matters in my life....

Who and What Really Matters? Circle of Daydreams. www.circleofdaydreams.com

My Mum, who was just starting to feel a glimmer of her old self again after triple bypass heart surgery late last year, had a fall a few weeks ago.

She fractured several ribs and crushed a vertebrae in her back, and spent 3 weeks or so in hospital. She's just come home (literally 30 seconds around the corner from me) and is still shaky and frail. I love her so, and it sobers me to realize at 87 years of age, this woman who has always been so energetic and full of life for her age, is starting to really slow down and is in pain much of the time.

Then, earlier this week, a dear friend received the news that her own mother, the same age as my Mum, is suffering from a nasty form of cancer.

It's reminded me how short life is.

Yes, 87 years is a long time, but the years seem to fly more quickly the older I get, and time now seems measured in moments more than it ever has. If perchance I were blessed to live as long as my Mum has so far, it still means much more of my life has passed than I have left.

Of late, life has also seemed to grow exponentially stressful, overwhelming, and demanding.

Small things pile on top of bigger things, on top of even bigger things, and the load seems extreme.

Time for me to once again take stock.


Step back and consider from a calm perspective.

To let go of the people, activities and tasks making the important moments seemingly part of an ever muttering and mumbling crowd clamoring for my attention.

Time to re-focus on my gratitude practice, and prioritize the things, and more importantly the people, that add true meaning to my life.

I know if I don't care for myself first, then others in my life get a paler version of me, and I fail to give myself the compassion and kindness I deserve as much as anyone.

I want the best me to show up for the time I spend with my loved ones.

I want the best me to stand in the classroom when I'm teaching.

This Monday morning, may you return to what and who really matter (including yourself)...

... and may your mojo be with you, and your inner magic shine through once again.

Linda. xox

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