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Video: FLOURISH [Monday Mojo & Magic]

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Dear Daydreamers, it's Monday once again.

How are you!?

How's life treating you?

This week, I think my word is going to be 'flourish'.

I'm going to set an intention every morning, to do something that helps me flourish.... whether it's getting creative, going for a walk among some trees, coming up with a new healthy (and scrumptious) dish to eat, jamming with my guitar playing friends, singing, dancing, bopping along to a song in the car on the way to work, arranging some beautiful flowers in a vase.

What can you do each day this week to flourish?

Each morning, before you get out of bed, or whilst enjoying your first hot cuppa, take a few moments to think of something you can do to invite a feeling of flourishing into your life.

Planning to flourish, is something we can all do!

Happy Monday, Daydreamers.

May your mojo and magic be with you as you flourish this week!

Linda. xox

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