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30 Journal Prompts For Introspection and Personal Reflection (gorgeous printable)

I've always found writing to be a meaningful way to dig into my thoughts and excavate what on earth is going on. Pouring out my heart and soul on paper is cathartic, therapeutic and edifying all in one clarifying sweep. 

Stream of consciousness writing, lists of feelings, emotive rants, letters to myself, moments of gratitude, curiosities, simple daily details, dawning realizations, poetry, affirmations, word doodles, navel gazing, sentence prompts and endings... they all make journal worthy material from my point of view!

In the spirit of inner wanderings and personal exploration, I've put together a list of prompts I've enjoyed exploring and answering.

You can download the entire PDF for free at the very end of this post!

Or, view the prompts by clicking on the first picture below and scrolling through.

I hope you enjoyed reading the prompts, and would be very excited to hear about your success when using prompts in general, or these ones in particular!

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Linda. xox

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