Chuckles + JOY #2

Here's your blissful beginning to Day 2.

Today we have a soulful, funky coffee shop groove going on for those who love the aroma and lushness of a good cup.

Imagine you're sitting in a cozy, delightful cafe..... at the start of a beautiful, sunny day.

If you're laying in bed listening, begin with your arms wide out to the side stretch (as per yesterday) then breathe deep into your chest and let go of any thoughts but those of a wonderful day.... bring your arms back in and sink into the vision of smelling your coffee (or fragrant tea etc), holding your cup, feeling the solidness in your hands, completely relaxing, and letting the tension drain away.

Focus on this moment of joy.... this singular moment of feeling good, feeling at ease, looking forward to the day.

If you're already up, just find a nice spot to sit...perhaps with your own coffee already poured, perform your stretch, then sink into the feeling of a day slipping into a soulful, positive groove. (This track goes for 5 mins or so, but stop whenever you feel relaxed and ready to take on the day!)

If you need to take a moment out today, remind yourself to stretch big, close your eyes, and live in the moment. Then, feel your feet on the ground (whether you're sitting or standing), concentrate on breathing, be still, and listen again while you float away for a few minutes of escape.

Give yourself a loose shake all over as you come back to real life... and carry on!


I'll be back tomorrow with another short yet merry beginning to your day... another favourite of mine. (:

Linda. xox