Chuckles + JOY #3

Let's start Day 3 with a double dose of our baby merriment.

Before you do, open your arms wide out to the side, and breathe deep and slow into your chest several times. Push your chest forward a little, your palms facing up or out. Laying or standing, this works well either way, and invites positive energy in to your body... releasing tension and negativity.

You're probably getting good at this 3 days in!

If you're in a pickle any time today, listen to, or think back to our baby chucklers.... and perform the arms wide out stretch with breath again, or....

...try standing still, taking a few deep breaths, then twirling on the spot with a smile (arms flung out wide).... maybe even laugh out loud.

(Even if you have to fake it at first).

I'm serious...

Just try it!

Simple things, simple things.

I'll be back tomorrow with something different.

Linda. xox