Chuckles + JOY! #4

Here's Day 4... a dose of serene joy.

Firstly, get that arms wide stretch and breathing for 30 seconds going!


.... if you're a beach lover like me, it's time to throw your mind to a vision of being by the sea.

Sitting on the sand, warm breeze in your face, fresh smells in the air, sand in between your squidged down toes.

No worries...

No deadlines or stress....

Just in-the-moment wonder and ease.

Close your eyes and visualise the scene above.

No, not just visualise... imagine you've been transported there.

Feel every tiny caress of breeze.

Run a scan down your body... top of head, face, neck, shoulders, chest, back, arms, hands, hips, legs, feet... and feel the breeze gently brush by and any tension simply drain away.

Let things go...

Drink in the scents and feel your muscles lose tension, your shoulders drop, your face relax and smile.

Do all this while you're listening to the lovely wave and beach sounds below. Really sink into it.

At the end, slowly open your eyes, stretch as broadly and slowly as you can, and head off into your day with a smile on your face. (:

If you need time out during the day to reboot and refresh, repeat your morning routine and reap the rewards.

I'll see you tomorrow for our last brilliant morning!

Linda. xox