Chuckles + JOY! #5

Here we are for Day 5!

I'm a little obsessed with magical forests, secret gardens and woods, and I couldn't think of anything better than reveling in some time out by a small brook, among lush trees, on a warm and soft hued day.

To me, that's true joy and bliss!

So, for our final day, I've whipped up a little clearing in an 'enchanted' woodl (:

While you're listening, do your arms wide to the side stretch, breathing deeply in and out, until you're ready to relax your arms and melt into the audio.

This really does 'open you up' to begin the day on a free and expansive note.

As you listen to the lovely babbling brook, sink into a feeling of being somewhere so magical, so relaxing and safe, that you feel warm and deliciously languid.... your muscles loose, your veins running with vibrant sensations.

Really imagine the blood running through you is rich, like an elixir of life and vigour. Feel it's warmth and energy infuse your body... 'see' it traveling to every part of your body and delivering little explosions of healing and power... like fireworks of goodness.

Drink in the energy and freshness of Mother Nature and all she has to offer. Imagine yourself glowing with good health and feeling as if anything is possible.

This one goes for 5 minutes.... stop whenever you feel ready, and start your day feeling vibrant and healthy.

I hope you've found our little 5 day burst of Morning Chuckles and JOY useful?

Tomorrow I'll send you an email with all these recordings on a single page, so you can bookmark it and come back to it again and again if you like!

If you're looking for other great tools to support and nourish you day to day, check out The Garden of Gratitude.... it's free, and full of goodies to help you create a gratitude practice that could be life changing (I really mean that - it's helped me so much).

Until we meet elsewhere,

Linda. xox