Oh boy, you did it!

Welcome, Daydreamer!


There's a little 'hello gift' waiting for you if you click this link. You'll find some gorgeous prints at the end of the PDF!

And, here's your link to The Garden of Gratitude.... a place of serenity and peace. I've loved making this to share with you. It's a great place to find support for creating a gratitude practice (one of the main pillars of a life well lived in my opinion).

Expect to see an email from me once or twice a month.

Your notes will focus on uplifting and supportive ideas, ways to make your journey right now easier, snippets of self care to help you travel your path, and inspiration to cheer you forward.

There'll always be at least one lovely print or wallpaper to savor, as I adore making and sharing!

I'm serious about creating the best lives we can, Daydreamer.... and about being present for the journey.

Our story.

Mary Oliver said 'What are you going to do with your one, wild, precious life?'

Let's find out shall we?

Much love,

Linda. xox

PS. For more info about why I choose to feature so many images of children and animals in the quotes I play with, check out this page.