Feathers and Seedlings. A monthly note of encouragement, wildness and wonder. Circle of Daydreams. www.circleofdaydreams.com

Welcome to 'Feathers & Seedlings', a little monthly note of encouragement featuring intriguing and uplifting kernels to seed your growth and give your dreams wings.

Each month I share things like:

  • My ritual mantra via a fresh new print
  • Other beautiful prints to download (like those below)
  • Self care methods and ideas
  • Journal or investigation prompts
  • Thoughts on seeking inspiration, how to face life's challenges, micro moments, creativity, wildness + wonder, and the magic of gratitude.

Sometimes I share announcements about new courses (usually free ones), shop updates, and other resources useful for self evolution.

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This regular, free offering is from me to you.

Sometimes the tiniest of sparks can nurture a raging fire.... keep your fire burning, Daydreamer.


Want to know why 'feathers' are important to me (and hence why I chose the word 'feathers' as part of the name for my little yet mighty notes)?

They symbolize exactly what I'm about with my thoughts and printables...

Find out more here.

'Seedlings' was chosen as the partner for 'Feathers', as for me seedlings are about growth and hope.... two things much of my writing alludes to.

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