My Favourite Blogs:

Cat Cottage: My good friend Bobbi's most beautiful blog - first hand photos of life in Italy. And, cats!
Room For My Soul: The lovely Caz who lives in Ballarat too! Beautiful photographs and words. Soulfood indeed.
Posie Gets Cozy: The most gorgeous photography and glimpses of family life.
One Mother Hen: A fellow Aussie with kitchen recipes, family life, and garden loveliness.
Sea Blue Lens: Stunning photography and meanderings outdoors. A soothing sanctuary.
Everyday Alchemy: Pia Jane Bijkerk. Heart wanderings and creative processes. Dreamy!
Susannah Conway: My long time online crush and person to admire. Photographer and storyteller.

More will arrive as I wander the many roads I discover!

Courses I've Taken - and Loved!

I've taken each one of the courses below, and adored every moment. Both ladies are generous, kind, nurturing, and utterly focused on delivering the best experience for you they possibly can.

Blogging From the Heart by Susannah Conway:

This six week course is all about creative personal blogging. Susannah teaches you how to share your life and heart online as a way to express yourself creatively, dive deep and meet like-minded friends along the way.

Daily Guidance by Susannah Conway:

In this fun and illuminating three-week course, Susannah teaches you how to use your oracle and tarot cards far beyond looking up the “meaning” in the guidebook. You cover the basics, then explore your own personal interpretations, spreads and practices with lots of hands-on exercises and journaling techniques that will help you connect to — and really trust — your intuition.

The Daily Divine E-Course by Victoria Smith of the Mojo Lab:

A delightful journey into the magic and enchantment of oracle cards. Rich lessons posted five days each week, each one designed and written with soul and love. Sprinkled throughout will be a variety of audio and video recordings to keep things lively. You’ll receive guided exercises, prompts, and loads of inspiration to help you explore the Daily Divine concepts, tools, and practices in your own way and on your own schedule.

Adorable Objects and Goodies:

Some lovely things worth daydreaming about, chosen from the retailers and little shops I adore.

No affiliate links, just things I've bought and loved myself.

Nest Pretty Things:

I've bought quite a few sets of ear-rings from Tamar at 'Nest Pretty Things' on Etsy. One set I gave to a friend, and she still raves about them years later. Here's just a few examples of Tamar's sublime jewelry.

Click here to see more.

Nest Pretty Things Ear-rings.
Nest Pretty Things - Pearl Necklace
Nest Pretty Things - Pastel Necklace

Amazing Talent and Soul:

These are the people who make my jaw drop and knock my socks off.

Zippy Lomax:

A photographer whose images made me suck in my breath the first time I saw them.

Taken from an article about her: 'Zipporah Lomax has an eye that seems to see past the visible spectrum and hone in on the nectar, almost like a honeybee. She focuses on the embryonic and the infinitesimal. Her photographs have a sensuality that is palpable.

Sometimes we become so engrossed in the minutiae of our daily lives that we don’t notice the beauty in fleeting moments. We miss the fragments of perfection that surround us. Zipporah captures that joy and those details in photographs that are ethereal, yet infused with the spirit of humanity.'

Here are just some of her photos.

Visit her site to drink in so many more.