HOla! I'm Linda.

Hello, I'm Linda. www.circleofdaydreams.com

I'm creating the story of a meaningful & intuitive life; with the support of deliberate attention, curiosity, & gratitude.

(Plus a bold dash of bibliotherapy and some daring daydreams!)

Each day is a page.

Every moment a word.

I’m holding the pen….


There are so many stories more beautiful than answers.

(Mary Oliver)

Three Ways To Expand Your Story and Unlock Your Dreams


Being mindful, paying attention, noticing the good, really listening, deliberately focusing on one thing at a time... every moment has secrets to support us on our journey.


Let's take inner and outer wanderings along pathways of curiosity and discovery, inventing and re-newing our lives as we go. Our own unique quests are waiting for us.


While we're pointing ourselves towards what we're yearning for, practicing gratitude lets us also be at peace with what we have. A lovely juxtaposition as we seek our way forward.


Little Notes Of Encouragement:

Once a month(ish) I send out a little note of encouragement for those of you seeking to give your lives more meaning, live fully, and delve deeply into what's best for you. It's a small yet mighty support as you create your own unique story one step, one fork-in-the-road, and one magical moment at a time.

A lovely print, bibliotherapy suggestions, clues to unlock the treasure box that is you... feel good and get a dose of inspiration to put in your pocket.

Plus, as a recipient you'll also be gifted bonus access to the Garden of Gratitude... a beautiful place to begin building your own joyful practice of gratitude.

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Some things seem to draw you in like an inevitability. You feel the pull of fascination from deep within, from unknown reserves. When I feel the urge to explore, to fan the embers of discovery... I retreat. I write. I draw...

I create. (And share)

When I'm searching for peace I re-focus on my gratitude practice, give myself space to dream, and prioritize my own self-care.

If I'm feeling a little lost and confused, I get back on track with small steps and the anticipation of many magical moments to come.

What is it you need to do?

Circle of Daydreams

That little girl inside - she's still there... listening... waiting... longing. Are there things you need to say to her? Wounds you need to heal? Happenstance you need to clarify? Facets you need to re-discover and polish?

Know that deep inside, your strength glows and swirls. It's ready to coalesce into whatever you want it to be.

Find your way through to create whatever it is you need.

Give yourself, all of you, the gentle loving attention you deserve.

For me, art helps distill my thoughts.

Reading a book in quiet bliss soothes my soul.

Maintaining a gratitude practice renews my spirit.

Creating a home haven provides sanctuary and security.

And, writing and making free printables to share feels delicious!

Welcome Daydreamer

This is a dream place.
The place is soothing for the senses, creative for the mind, vibrant for the body and sacred for the soul.
(Margo Teicher)