Reach for the real you. Circle of Daydreams.

In your mind's eye, in your heart of hearts, in your vision unsullied... who is it you long to be?



The journey is even more exciting than the destination. Anticipation, trepidation, first steps excitement. Follow the path of your own making. Make it up as you go if needs be!


Inner and outer wanderings along pathways of creation and discovery. What will you do to renew and invent your life as you want it to be? Enjoy the thrills of the journey.


You are YOU, and no-one else. What is it you sense within you? What do you feel within your bones to be your unique calling? Step into your best possible self and evolve.


Little Notes To Help Nourish Your Self Evolution:

Welcome to 'Feathers & Seedlings', a little monthly note of encouragement featuring intriguing and uplifting kernels to seed your growth and give your dreams wings. There'll always be a beautiful print or two to download (I love making them), and a purposeful prompt. Plus, a sprinkling of insight to make your eyes widen, head nod, or suggest a fork in the road.

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This regular, free offering is from me to you.

Sometimes the tiniest of sparks can nurture a raging fire. Keep your fire burning, Daydreamer.

Let your 'wild' seep in.

I'm excited to help you begin, create, and become the person you long to be with this small gesture of regular encouragement.

Linda. xox

Feathers and Seedlings. A regular note of encouragement and surprise featuring prints, prompts and possible lightbulb moments. Circle of Daydreams.

Some things seem to draw you in like an inevitability. You feel the pull of fascination from deep within, from unknown reserves. When I feel the urge to explore, to fan the embers of discovery... I retreat. I write. I draw...

I create. (And share)

When I'm searching for peace I re-focus on my gratitude practice, give myself space to dream, and prioritize my own self-care.

If I'm feeling a little lost and confused, I get back on track with small steps and the anticipation of many magical moments to come.

What is it you need to do?

Circle of Daydreams

That little girl inside - she's still there... listening... waiting... longing. Are there things you need to say to her? Wounds you need to heal? Happenstance you need to clarify? Facets you need to re-discover and polish?

Know that deep inside, your strength glows and swirls. It's ready to coalesce into whatever you want it to be.

Find your way through to create whatever it is you need.

Give yourself, all of you, the gentle loving attention you deserve.

For me, art helps distill my thoughts.

Reading a book in quiet bliss soothes my soul.

Maintaining a gratitude practice renews my spirit.

Creating a home haven provides sanctuary and security.

And, writing and making free printables to share feels delicious!

Welcome Daydreamer

This is a dream place.
The place is soothing for the senses, creative for the mind, vibrant for the body and sacred for the soul.
(Margo Teicher)