Hello from Linda

Hey there fellow daydreamer and pathfinder! My name is Linda, and I'm on a journey of inner and outer wanderings.

During the day (and a lot of time busy at night too) I'm a primary school teacher of 30 plus years. In my spare time, I love to create a multitude of things and keep my ever curious mind fed with new joys and enchantments.

This is my space to free fall and share my creations. I've always drawn and created with graphics. Now, I'm learning to dabble in paint and mixed media. I'm looking forward to creating my own oracle deck using watercolors.

I also strangely adore creating images with beautiful and often obscure quotes on them, as well as little treasure books of self-care. I'll be sharing those too!

I have a partner who makes me wonderful cups of tea often (he also makes a great stir fry), and a cat who's 19 years old with a big heart murmur. She's doing well considering.

My beloved 86 year old Mum had open heart surgery last year on my birthday, and I was terrified I'd lose her. She made it through and is recovering slowly. My much loved Dad passed away nearly 20 years ago with Leukemia, and his beautiful spirit lives with me as I travel onward to experience my journey.

Over the years I've weathered some interesting storms, sought help, and regained my inner confidence. I'm no longer afraid to put myself first when needs be, and I've learned to say 'no' and 'let go' when it's best for my sanity and health!

I'm an introvert, a book devotee, an obsessed interiors lover, and fringe minimalist (I love my books and wall art too much to be a 'real' one).

Welcome to my little corner of the world.

Linda. xox