Dream Talisman Companion Kits

An illuminating companion as you navigate the path of your dreams. Each Dream Talisman Companion Kit comes brimming with intuitive insight, nurturing notes, heartfelt hope, and soul support.

A token of old,
Something to hold.
A heartfelt surprise,
The banishment of lies.
Connect to your dreams,
Take note of any themes.
Listen to your heart,
It's time to make a start.
The adventure is yours,
Don't be afraid of new doors.

Each Talisman Companion Kit is unique and waiting for just the right person.

No two are exactly alike.

As I create them, I list them here. (The shop is currently empty and waiting patiently for its next arrival....)

Which one calls to you?

Every kit contains a token of old, sourced from my local treasure hunting.... auctions, garage sales, small town markets... I love the art of foraging for unknown gems, it's so invigorating when you find a one-off stunner. I'm drawn to tokens that seem to have a past.... a feel of nostalgia, a layer of love and care. I find these inspiring and strengthening. Old things have a vibe like no other. They remind me that life goes on, and no matter my age, I can reach for my dreams.

Call me quaint (or weird), but I perceive them as talismans ready to focus intent for their new owner. They have survived and moved to a new phase of their life... and so can you.

You'll also receive a surprise affirmation or quote card, a beautiful stone of rose quartz or similar (with a lovely, gentle affirmation to match), a vintage page of word smithery sourced from a beloved second hand book (what will the page chosen mean for you?), an original poem or prose, to sharpen your intent, and a couple of other surprises. (;

Your kit will be put together with a focus on connecting threads and dream provocation.

Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. Rumi. Circle of Daydreams. Dream Talisman Companion Kits

For a simple call out when a new companion kit arrives in the shop, you can jump on the list for Feathers & Seedlings. It sometimes takes time for new kits to coalesce and piece together as each one is individual with its own personality.