The journals, planners and books below are offered through my personal affiliate links. Each amount is the same as buying direct, but I get a little reward to help me keep Circle of Daydreams alive if you buy via here (thanks so much).

I've owned all of these at one point or another, and can confidently recommend each one to you. Depending on your needs, you'll find something to provide you with clarity and super charged support as you walk your chosen path.

PS. I'm also in the early stages of developing my own highly specialized planner to support intentional, simple, magical living. Join me here if you'd like an early heads up of its arrival (hopefully next year).

Here are a couple of journals and planners I've used and like.

This is one of Danielle La Porte's bestsellers for a good reason. I've used it, and love it for it's ability to cut to the core of what I want from life. As always Danielle's work is like an arrow flying straight to heart of what matters.

Another of Danielle's seminal products... this one sings loudly to me. It aligns with the quote I use over here on my blog, and the quote above. It also encapsulates the philosophy behind Circle of Daydreams. In short....