Small Steps & Little Magicks...

Small Steps & Little Magicks is a soul nourishing monthly letter to your inbox, filled with small yet magical ways to love yourself and create your dreams.

Magick: a term defined as 'the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will', including both mundane acts of will as well as ritual magic.

Thus, little magicks (for my purposes) combined with small steps, are a way to make little changes and take small steps forward.

I've found again and again, that the best way to evolve is to make intentional and incremental adjustments leading to transformation overall.

This is also referred to as 'kazen' by the Japanese - continuous small improvements.

Each month in my missive 'Small Steps & Little Magicks' I'll let you in on some of the best ways to begin, create, and become the best version of yourself, using small supports and tools...

  • A self care tip picked to nourish and renew
  • A mantra, ritual, or meditation to encourage optimal mindset
  • A daydream dare or visualization to use as your 'lighthouse'
  • A beautiful printable or wallpaper


  • Sneak peeks at any new courses or materials
  • Links to freebies and downloads
  • Entrance to The Garden of Gratitude with its 30+ resources
  • A 25 page welcome gift about the 3 best affirmations I know (and their companion printables)

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Yesterday they called it coincidence. Today they call it synchronicity. Tomorrow they'll call it skill. Antero Alli. Circle of Daydreams.