Welcome to The Garden of Gratitude

Dearest Daydreamer,

Here is where you'll find a peaceful and enchanting retreat.

Amble among the growing gratitude resources, and stay awhile.

Pick your favourite, and plant it in the gratitude garden of your own mind...

Tend to it.

Water it.

Watch it bloom.

The practice of giving thanks, and recognising your gratefulness bears the sweetest fruit ( and blends superbly with daydreams, I've found!).

This garden has a great variety to help you cultivate your gratitude 'green thumb'!:

  • The Gratitude Antidote - a potent mini course (coming soon)
  • Gratitude Journals and Mini Booklets
  • Gratitude Printables
  • Gratitude Wallpapers
  • Gratitude Art
  • Gratitude Colouring
  • Gratitude Links and Research

All grafted and planted with love, from me to you. 

Linda. (:  xox

The garden of gratitude

Gratitude has been a huge part of my life for about the last 10 years, and it's made a significant difference to the way I feel, and my levels of contentment and happiness.

I hope you find something in 'The Garden' to help you set up your own successful gratitude practice. I've tried to include all sorts of things to give you lots of choice!

Download a journal or booklet, print out and display some lovely quotes, get one of the wallpapers on to your phone or desktop, do some thankful colouring, read the research and links!

If you put a regular gratitude practice in to action, I've no doubt you'll reap wonderful rewards over time.

Just keep at it, and give the marvels of giving thanks a chance to work their magic.

Gorgeous Gratitude Journals:

It's time to keep witness to the wonders, big and tiny, in your life.

What you pay attention to increases.

Notice the tiny seeds of goodness in your life, for they will grow, then bloom, when nurtured.


A beautiful gratitude companion booklet. Several days to a page.


A cute and whimsical journal page with room for a week to a page.


This version of Witness Your Week has a different layout and one week to a page. This is my favourite one!


A cross between a bullet journal and a free flowing journal. Use these pages to list and collage your way to giving thanks. (Also wonderful for children as a project with you)

Grow Your Own Garden of Gratitude. A unique and creative gratitude journal. The Garden of Gratitude. Circle of Daydreams.


Unique and artful templates to show your gratitude in a completely new way. Get your textas and fine-liners ready. This one is glorious fun. (Also great for children).

Coming soon.

Good Things & Small Magic:

Scroll through this slide show for inspiration. Lovely.

(You can also download it in PDF form by clicking the heading above!)

Gratitude Art:


Keep your attention on all that shines, and black out negatives or dullness.

This unique art features a form of black out poetry.... re-created to focus on words of gratefulness and wonder.

It's become a new fascination of mine.

I hope you like it too! ( Click the image, or here to download it)

As I make more, I'll add them!

I also have a black-out poetry board on Pinterest... it's full of wonderful examples of how to do this.

Pick A Printable:

Here is where you'll glimpse beautiful printables to adorn your walls.

Pick one, print, trim, frame (if you'd like to), and display somewhere prominent.

Use your printable as a reminder to check in with yourself and give thanks when you can.

Gratitude Wallpapers - Front and Centre:

Put these images and words where you'll see them everyday.

On your phone or on your desktop, these wallpapers are a gentle nudge to remember the good things, no matter how small and infinitesimal they may seem.

Click the images to download the correct wallpaper sizes.


Desktop Wallpaper: Give thanks.

Desktop Wallpaper: The more grateful you are...

Desktop Wallpaper: Release and remember.

Desktop Wallpaper: Oh for the simple moments.

Desktop Wallpaper: Upon waking, let your first thought be thank you. (Abraham Hicks)

Desktop Wallpaper: There is much to be thankful for.

Desktop Wallpaper: It's a new day... give thanks.

Desktop Wallpaper: Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

Phone Wallpaper: Remember the fun!

Phone Wallpaper: Be still and watch...

Phone Wallpaper: Always thankful!

Phone Wallpaper: Have an attitude...

Phone Wallpaper: Give thanks...

Phone Wallpaper: I am blessed.

Colour Your Gratitude!:

Lovely colouring sheets to help you focus your mind on things to be thankful for.

While you're colouring, relax and bring to mind your daily thanks.