Welcome to The Self Care Snug

Dearest Daydreamer,

Welcome! (:

How is your self support and nurturing going lately?

Are you filling up your 'metaphorical bucket' with thoughts, actions and nourishment for the betterment of your whole self? Listening to your inner child and truly acknowledging her voice? Treating yourself as if you were your own best friend?

Failing to take proper care of ourselves (often by putting everyone and everything else first), leads squarely down the pathway of exhaustion and numbness.

This quote epitomises how important self care is in today's go, go, go society.

“No woman can control her destiny if she doesn’t give to herself as much as she gives of herself.”
(Suze Orman)

Life can be overflowing with 'busy'. Overwhelm, stress and fatigue are frequent visitors. Time out, great sleep, good food, enjoying yourself, listening to your inner child, laughing, movement..... all these make a better YOU and lead to a better life all around.

What are you going to do to love yourself today?

Perhaps you'll find some ideas below!

Linda. xox

Routines, Rituals and Celebrations - The Ceremonies of Self

A daily ritual is a way of saying "I'm voting for myself. I'm taking care of myself."
(Mariel Hemingway)

Morning routine, night time routine, tea ceremony, celebratory ceremonies - tie a ribbon (could be used for gratitude as well, also gratitude jar), home cleansing/smudging, oracle card ritual, a moment to ones self ritual, some meditaions (from that book), planting ritual, bathing ritual.

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Treats, Prompts, Mantras & More...

Here are some luscious home made treats for your body, mantras for your mind, prompts to declare your self care intentions, and slightly off-beat self care ideas for those who don't like the normal baths and bubbles! It's time to commit to your self care the way a world class athlete commits to their training. Because... in your own special event (your life), self care allows you to achieve your personal best.

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