Welcome to The Simple Soul-Dust Spa

Dearest Daydreamer,

Do you feel you've lost your 'real' self somewhere along the way?

Are you wandering a path that seems unfamiliar?

Sometimes it's difficult to remember what we used to want from life, even who we actually are underneath it all. Things we once loved to do get relegated to 'one day' because life is busy and fast paced. We lose ourselves in the daily humdrum of work, scheduled activities, and technology.

One day, we look in the mirror, and stare strangely at someone we used to know.

Underneath the surface everyone gets to see, rests the wellspring of our inner selves. The place from where our 'unguarded moments' bubble up. I think recognising that place, and reaching for its contents, is the first key to a life well lived.

Sprinkling a little 'soul-dust' is one way of reaching for the real you, and re-awakening your sleeping self.

This spa is not about rejuvenating your external self, but the afterglow will probably show on the outside once you start your spa treatments!

Oh, and it might get messy.

Get started below!

Linda. xox

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