Your Truths:

Over the course of 14 days (one email every 2 days = 7 emails), you'll receive succinct, thought provoking questions delving for your truths at the heart of everything.

Answering these questions may cause discomfort, scare you, or make you feel vulnerable.... answer them anyway. Let's get committed to moving forward well acquainted with our inner truths and what they mean for our future.

Socrates once said 'The un-examined life is a life not worth living.' Not sure I'd go that far, but I take his point!

This is your 'one, wild life' and what you do with it is all yours to decide.

Let's get to the 'guts' of those decisions by asking questions like no other.

Let's feed our hearts, sate our souls, and approach this life from a place of wonder and clarity.

Along with your alternate days of 'truth' telling, you'll also receive a 'daring' mission to carry out.... read on below Daydreamer!

Get Truth and Dare. Circle of Daydreams.